Single-Sign-On is here!

The number one feature requested by schools has been to provide an easier way to manage student usernames and passwords. We are excited to announce a new option where students at your school can use Clever to directly login to AzCIS without ever having to enter their username and password. Best of all, this integration is available for no additional cost to you.

How to get Clever

Clever is available to schools for free. Even better, Clever provides complimentary technical support to get your school district up in no time. Join the thousands of schools that have already taken advantage of Clever’s integration by going to this website:

Already have Clever? Adding AzCIS is super simple!

Log into your Clever Dashboard and select: Applications > Add Applications from the left navigation.

Use the search bar at the top to find AzCIS. Once you have found the application, select: Request App. If you already have AzCIS you can select the “Already Purchased” option when requesting the app.

AzCIS App Icon

Application list screenshot



From within your Clever Dashboard, navigate to the application overview for AzCIS and download the “schools.csv” export. This file contains the school name, number, and SIS id for the schools in your district and is needed to link your AzCIS accounts with your Clever account. Email this file to

How to use Clever to log into AzCIS

From AzCIS, click on the Clever link. This will take users to a secure Clever login form where students can use the same username and password they use for their school account.


When a student logs in through Clever for the first time AzCIS will provide the option to use the student data securely provided by Clever to create a new account by simply clicking on the “Sign Up” button. Student already has an AzCIS account? No problem. Use the existing AzCIS credentials to login and the Clever account will be linked to the existing AzCIS account. Either way, this step only needs to be done once because the next time the student logs in they will be taken directly to their AzCIS account.